Asian Massage Mayfair

Dark, mysterious and bringing that irresistible allure of the Orient, there are hundreds of men who cannot resist the charms of a beautiful Asian lady.


If you’re craving an erotically-charged massage in Mayfair, you’re in the right place- Oriental Massage Victoria will bring the charms of the East straight to you. If you pass by Victoria on a daily basis, you’ll be close to one of the most sensual massage services in the city.


We have a host of glamorous and sweet-natured masseuses who are keen to relax and seduce your senses, with their nimble hands, stunning looks and extensive experience giving massages.


Each massage can take place where you wish- whether it’s at your flat or a swanky hotel suite provided by us, with a cup of coffee, hot shower and tea available, to ensure everything is cosy and relaxed before you begin.


Refreshing both the body and soul, this experience is the perfect way to end the year, or reward yourself this Christmas. You’ll feel completely ready to take on 2016, whatever challenges it may bring.


Why not book an appointment today? You won’t regret it.


07417 511 621.