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Oriental Massage Victoria is absolutely the best and No.1 full body massage services provider in Victoria areas, offering a wide range of popular and romantic full body massage services in Victoria.


Having done the whole day’s work, enjoying a unique relaxation massage in your spare time would be the best choice, as our services are rather than the traditional full body massage and it is Professional, Playful and Perfect !


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As we are located near to Victoria areas, you are warmly welcome to have a unique incall relaxation massage in our comfortable and cosy flat with 5 stars class atmosphere. You can have a cup of coffee, tea and shower is available here, maybe we can have a shower together and start our romantic experience in bathroom, do you want it darling?


You can call us on 07464 399 288, to book escorts services (outcall) at your hotel or home, our sexy Asian masseuses will arrive at the address you appointed on time. Our sexiest and thoughtful Asian beauties will prepare everything needed and what you need to do is to wait a bit (20-30 minutes), and enjoy.


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Age : 20 years
Location : Victoria
Height : 165cm
Nationality : Chinese

Age : 21 years
Location : Sloane Square
Height : 164cm
Nationality : Japanese
Age : 20 years
Location : St James Park
Height : 170cm
Nationality : Singaporean
Age : 19 years
Location : Westminster
Height : 163cm
Nationality : Korean
Tantric massage

Modern expectations, social mores and conventional sexual technique may result in a loss of interest, dissatisfaction with your performance, and performance anxiety. Tantric massage will give you a much deeper understanding of how to approach yourself and others and how to eliminate sexual issues.
As the sexual body matures many people fear they are losing their mojo and try to force the issue, often resulting in frustration. A more gentle, thoughtful and nourishing approach is key and can actually take you to new levels of sexual satisfaction. Tantric massage allows you to be nourished by fulfilling loving experience into old age without putting yourself under pressure.


Body to Body Massage

A full body to body massage is a great and special way to treat yourself. It helps to relax, treat muscle pains and give an overall peaceful and healed feeling. The combination of seduction & relaxation of this treatment bring you a wonderland feeling. The increase of hormones and improvement of your blood circulation will leave you a higher level of wonderland feeling.

Sensual Massage (let our passion melt you)

Do you want to live Sensually Empowered? Do you desire to experience true bliss in passionate pursuits? Are you seeking to intensify an intimate relationship? Or like many, are you longing to awaken the sensual god or goddess within?


Sensual massage is the answer. Passion, spontaneity and strong sexual energy have gone missing from your relationship and you’d like to feel deeper satisfaction together. You’ve explored sexuality but there is a feeling that you can feel more love, more closeness, more happiness – you just don’t know how to find it. Enjoying a Sensual massage here is to help you with a more vibrant love experience.


Some people feel really relaxed after their body to body massage, however, most people will then feel rejuvenated and full of energy and on a bit of a natural high. And some people might have a orgasm (or many times) during the Sensual massage, it is very common, as your sense of hormones is awaken increasingly by our skilful and beautiful Asian masseuses.


No need to be embarrassed here and you can ask another full personal service if you like.

Duo Massage

Duo Massage is the most popular service to relax by and with two masseuses. The two different masseuses will treat you at the same time, however, different way.
During the massage several massage techniques can be used to relax the body and mind. This kind of massage focuses on treating the most part of the body in a tender way. Muscles and the skin will be stroked and kneaded in order to make sure both body & mind obtain peace and rest. The comfortable and happy feeling massage takes you a new level of excitement when experienced with 4 soft hands.


Try, do try, fantastic!

Nuru Massage

This massage is the most erotic massage you can get in your life. The masseuse will begin to take a shower with you to relax your muscles and increase the benefit of relaxation and excitement. The ceremony continues as the Japanese Nuru gel is heated in a special pot. Your masseuse will rub and glide her beautiful body all over yours. You will feel the ultimate relaxation with the beautiful body of your Goddess.

Shiatsu Massage

New Japanese Massage is also called Shiatsu Massage. Shiatsu is an long lasting Japanese healing method. Shiatsu means “finger pressure”, unlike the massages of the West, where kneading and friction is used. In Shiatsu pressure and stretching is the key.


The shiatsu practitioner uses palms, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, elbows, and knees to work on the body’s acupuncture points, along what they consider the body’s meridians or energy channels. It’s a form of “touch communication” and is a safe and effective preventive medicine. It helps to balance a person’s energy flow, and strengthen the vital organs. In shiatsu, it is believed that disease is the result of blocked or unbalanced energy, so that its either depleted or over-active. Shiatsu shares the same view as Chinese acupuncture.


Basically, the human body is looked upon as a microcosm of the universe, the meridians vital organs are seen as governed by Five Elements and by Yin and Yang. They believe that in a healthy person no element is dominant or deficient in relation to the other. So blocked or unbalanced energy allows disease to take over.